About Me

Since coming to Yoga I found a calm place where I could give myself time to stretch and relax my body, learning how to breathe properly for the first time in many years. I began to reflect on my life and I gradually found that I was healing myself and feeling a lot better after the loss of my father.  I found a stronger me. It was then that I decided to train as a Yoga Teacher because I really wanted to share everything I had learnt about this wonderful subject with others.

Since then I have gained Diplomas both with The British School of Yoga, The British Wheel of Yoga and Sport England, holding First Aid and Register for Exercise Professional certificates, and I regularly attend IST days to further my training.  I am also a Dru Yoga Meditation teacher.

I have been teaching for over 13 years working with wonderful people with many differing abilities.  I teach Yoga privately on a one to one basis, for corporate companies, schools, health clubs and I also run my own class which is open to the public whilst regularly hosting Yoga Workshop Days with guest Yoga friends.

Thank you to all my teachers and friends.


See you soon


Diana Levy

Who knew the power of this mantra would quite literally bring me to where i am today 'satisfy(ing) my soul'!