My mission is to make your lifelong health and wellness the utmost fun by bringing you a Yoga class that balances a flowing workout in an upbeat inspired environment, with an emphasis on the breath to create openness within the body. I also want to introduce you to the wonderful and fascinating ancient philosophies of Yoga within the context of my classes. I specialise in more than just a Yoga class. Hatha Yoga therapy is specific, effective and profound in looking after your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. My expertise lies in helping people gain strength, flexibility and balance, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga is learning to come back to yourself. Its about finding your edge, expanding your boundaries, and being able to really relax into who you truly are. Its about taking time to stop and remember this, in case you have forgotten whilst being caught up in the fast paced world you live in. On a physical level, as in life, being off balance doesn't feel good. Yoga helps you to regain that balance.

Yoga helps you feel harmonious, integrated and complete. As you learn about your centre in a Yoga pose, you practice finding your centre in other areas of your life. In fact, dealing with the challenges of a posture (asana) can assist you in developing coping strategies that help you to deal better with life's events . I hope you enjoy my web-site and I invite you to come and join me in Yoga.

Om Shanti

Diana Levy